Saturday, December 22, 2007

soul stitch pups

Well, it seemed time to indulge in a few pup pics.

Elmo is turning into a fine young dog. He's about nine months old now I believe.

look into those eyes... you WILL give me a cookie!
Emma's eyes are a little harder to find, but she doesn't miss a thing.

Watching for Cats!

the pair of them are constantly vigilant.

Happy Solstice Season to one and all. Don't forget the birds!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Parade of Presents

Immaculate Confections just finished its first paid job!

A local business asked me to make nine little cakes as party favors for their office Christmas party. Hence a parade of cakes!

A couple close ups Mr. DeMille:

Alex was a huge help as I was freaking out several times trying to meet the deadline for these cakes. My gratitude for a patient and imaginative pal is unending.

Happy Solstice Season!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

2nd Snow

Maybe a second snow is a bit like a second wind, I hope so. I've been lame for the past week with a mysterious pain in my left foot. Today is the first day I could put on a shoe in days. The snow is so beautiful though, I thought I would visit some of the household gods with the camera.
Here's Francis:
and Hummingbird:
and Mickey (with Al):
Al has been hard at work making storm windows, the blue trim are the new windows:

And then I had to take some pictures of the snowflake gate covered in all her sisters:

Here's a detail from the top of the gate:

I'm loving this place!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Immaculate Confections

Well, we attended the Big Gayla last night - a potluck of course. So I decided to try my hand at another fancy cake (and do a little advertising while I was at it. This is the cake:

Its a Red Velvet cake with a yummy Marscarpone and Cream Cheese filling. The cake was delicious, but I had some trouble with how I decided to decorate it. It seems kinda blah to me. The fondant interacted with the icing in such a way as to melt the sugar, so the cake kinda weeps sugar around the seams. It all seems a bit too "home made" to my eye. I ran out of time to do everything I had designed, the cake broke when I was torting it, the bow looks like it has a hard-on, my Pal didn't like the color scheme - so I changed it, but never really bought into it, and on and on.

The real lesson here is to follow my own instincts and have fun.

Anyway, folks at the party seemed to like it. And someone hired me to make a cake for them!
So - Immaculate Confections has its big start. I need to design a business card!