Thursday, March 8, 2007

Progress Notes

I thought I should post some progress pictures. The gold in my restart on Taylor's sweater. Its going much easier. I love the color and the sweater will be very nice. Zoooming along!

The left mitten got me to learn the magic loop approach to circular knitting. Much easier for my lumpy fingers than doublepoints.

And then of course there is Donegal whimpering in its basket while I play with these other projects.

And then, I joined a knit along to make a pair of fantastic gloves! more on that later in April.

And then, I made the delicious error of going up to a new yarn store in Indianapolis the other day. Of course they had a sale, of course Noro Silk Garden was 40% off. Of course I had to buy them out of their entire stock. Yikes! But honestly, who could resist?

And then I had to get a start on the jacket in Noro of course. Here's the start of a sleeve and the front right panel:

I'm knitting this aran weight 40% silk wool blend double stranded on US 4 needles. This sweater will be bullet proof baby! And OH! the colors! I'm mixing up all sorts of their color combinations, what fun!

I just got new glasses, and what a difference a little clarity makes.

So, that's my update for now, gotta get packing, I'm driving out to New Mexico tomorrow to go house hunting. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Your pictures/progress are inspiring, knit- and other-wise. By autumn you'll be wearing the noro sweater 'round the fire pit in the chill desert evening. Mmmm.

Mrs. Pinkerton said...

Thanks Karen, I'm enjoying the unfolding of it all.....