Friday, March 2, 2007

CableKnit Jacket

This is the first sweater I tried knitting. As you can see, it came out a little large. I was so concerned about knitting something too small....

It is a pattern called "sweater Jacket" published by Sandnes Isldvarefabrik under their "tradition" collection #TD0006. Its knit in a very spongy aran weight marino on US 4 and 7 needles.

My friend Gordon gave me the lovely buffalo head nickel buttons. the white knobly thing on the chest is a gathering of rose quartz crystals I sewed on the sweater when I loaned it to my Aunt to wear in the chilly hospital. She particularly loved the yummy warm quality of this oversized sweater. Sadly, Rita has moved on to places you hopefully don't need clothes. I love that this sweater now has this history.

Over the years it has seen a lot of wear. I like the pattern and design so much I'm now thinking of knitting it up again. Only this time I will be using a sturdy tweed on smaller needles. More for outdoor work than indoors with a good book.

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