Thursday, February 22, 2007

Taylor's Sweater

This is a sweater I am knitting for my dear friend Taylor. He lives in the PNW and, I think can wear this pattern well.

I found the pattern in the summer 2003 edition of "Knitter's Magazine." It was designed for a cotton knit, but I decided to use this beautiful bronze tweed instead. I think the wool suits the fish-tail cable pattern better, and of course is more useful for the damp and cool days of Vashon Island.

I started this project a couple years ago. Taylor has been very patient waiting for the finished piece. I tend to knit several things at a time. Its hard to just knit a seed stitch and cables for ever. So, I switch off with a stranded knitting project, or an easy knit I can do with my eyes closed, or a quick knit. That way I can always shift to a project depending on my mood. Gemini nature at work!

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Mrs. Pinkerton said...

After much deliberation I have decided to change patterns. I've been staring at this sweater for far too long, and not working on it. I realized I don't really enjoy doing all these cables. So, I have ripped out the yarn and started over with just a simple stockingnet stitch. Much better! This yarn is such a beautiful color that the cable pattern was getting in the way. So maybe I'll actually finish this....