Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Birdie's Mittens

Look at this! My beautiful friend Birdie is wearing the beautiful Anemoi mittens I just finished for her. Beauty wearing beauty. So satisfying.

Birdie is the awesome Diva of Vegas. She sings chicken songs, plays the Indian flute, the banjo and guitar, and is a writer extraordinaire. Check out her links to her blog and her fabulous magazine Gallinas.


Bella Berly said...

Hey Kevin!

I love love love these gloves.
They are so beautiful and detailed I had no idea you were a knittter until Pru came home with them.

Seriously they are so gorgeous and amazing.

Kevin said...

Ah, thank you Berly. And good luck to you on your upcoming opening. I'll be in Seattle for a while and will sadly not be here to admire the art - but Al says he will be there, so I'll get a full report.

Birdie said...

I *heart* my mittens! They are the bestest!! I am wearing them RIGHT NOW! Okay, I'm not - I can't type with them on and that's the ONLY reason I ain't wearing them at the moment!!

Kevin said...

I'm so pleased to know that I can help keep your hands warm and pretty.