Wednesday, June 30, 2010

better lucy pictures

still not great pictures, but best I could do for now.

what do you think of her?

Oh, details: Lucy is 20" high by 5" by 6" or so; Stoneware fired to cone 6.5 oxides and glaze.
Birds are 27" high by 24" by 24" or so; bronze.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

little lucy update

Just wanted to post some photos of progress. these are terrible pictures of little lucy in her swirl of bronze birds. Not quite finished with the patination, needs some polish. The pictures really just give you a sense of scale and outline. but best I can provide today....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

lucy larger

I've begun building the larger version of Lucy. Here are her feet.

Ganesha through the fire

Ganesha was glaze fired yesterday. Shino sprayed all over. The belt is manganese oxide with copper carbonate. The glaze looks fantastic!

He was fired in two sections because he is too tall (54") for our kiln. gas fired with reduction cone 6.5. His upper portion was fired upside down to minimize the potential for warping.
Unfortunately, he warped despite our best efforts and no longer fits upper to lower (I blame the missing sections of his belt). sigh.

I spent the day gluing the parts which were broken off him during his greenware stage when a young student fell into him in February. He must be well built since only most of his trunk, his left hand, part of his left foot and parts of his belt broke off in the assault. sigh.

These parts will be molded and cast in bronze. also a new belt will be crafted out of wax and cast so he fits together better.

The skull is the beginning of his stand. it is iron.