Friday, February 16, 2007

Neckdown Pullover

You gotta know you are well and truly loved if anyone ever knits you a sweater.

(unless they are one of those super knitting machines who knit a sweater a month, then they're just showing off, or just need a reason to feed their addiction)

This pattern is from "knitting pure and simple" ( and knits from the top down. I traded a painting for the yarn which was a yummy shetland wool from Alice Starmore's old distributor.

It's pretty essential for me to have an alternative to the stranded nightmare of Donegal, where I can just go on automatic and enjoy the simple production of fabric while my mind wanders off on its own.


Anonymous said...

Well Kevin, I wil;l try this again. IO still don't see a way to send, except theree is a place that says "publish your comment"

Mrs. Pinkerton said...

That comment is from my Dad, he is 81 years old. Amazing to think of how communication has changed over his life time.