Saturday, July 12, 2008

18 weeks: chick meets dog!

Well, its eighteen weeks since the girls (and at least one boy) hatched out. Time for bird to meet dog!

We unveiled the front of the chicken run so everyone could see and be seen. Pretty anticlimactic if ya ask me.

The birds were very interested in the view, and the additional feeding possibilities.

Elmo sniffed and was sniffed in turn.

Emma wanted the birds to run around, but no one paid her any mind.

The silkie in front with the fancy neck feathers has begun to crow! So, we have at least one roo. Not sure what we'll do with him. He's very pretty and the silkies are so fun, but we are kinda on the down low and can't afford any neighborhood complaints. Fortunately its summer and we have a little time.

Here's a picture of the July garden. We've been eating the harvest since I got back mid June. We thinned the beets and had a great beet green stir fry. The potatoes are growing lavishly. The beans are being a little pokey. The peas were lovely and sweet, but not enough of them.
Anyway, learning what grows...

House finches visiting the feeder - our most common visitor.