Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cashel for grown-ups

This pattern was created by Alice Starmore as a child's sweater in her Celtic Collection. I decided to do the math and make it big enough for an adult. I think it went a little too far and became an over sized sweater, which can be fun to wear (especially for a faerie).

This was a quick knit on US6 needles. The cabling was fun and I enjoyed the details of the cuffs, waist band, and neck. And the yarn is a wonderful emerald green tweed. The stitch pattern is a two-row background, one row in single rib and the other knitted.


knitmeister said...

Wow! terrific work. Nice blog.

Janette said...

Ooh -- this is a LOVELY one! Great color for you, too! And the Celtic curlicues suit you.

Mrs. Pinkerton said...

Thanks Janette! Thanks Knitmeister! I do enjoy wearing this sweater, even if it is kinda big.